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Refueling systems

IntelliTECh serves as Israel leading solution house for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles refueling system.
Our hands on experience in development, operation and maintenance of unmanned systems reflects in our line of refueling systems, ranging from small-medium electric/pneumatic mobile systems (70 – 1500 liter capacity), to environmentally-safe stationary refueling stations.
Our products serve successfully in operation sites worldwide, and under severe operation conditions, with unsurpassed reliability.


In order to complete the engineering and manufacturing services to a whole, IntelliTECH Engineering also provides the following features:

Logistic Support

Integrated Logistic Support for both Manned and Unmanned Aerial and Ground systems.

User oriented characterization

User oriented characterization and specification of avionic systems.

Full documentation services

for self and customer developed systems.

On Site instruction

On Site instruction, training and support of both user and maintenance echelons.

Technical Documentation services

By giving the ability to guide end users, administrators and all others involved in developing and maintaining the product.