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Based on over 20 years of accumulated design and manufacturing experience, we today provide the following proven engineering services:

System Engineering

Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering

Software-Embedded electronical Engineering

Manufacturing, leveraging an extensive network of trusted partners and subcontractors

Integration of mechanical and electro-mechanical systems

Comprehensive documentation to support IntelliTECH-designed products

Client instruction and training on IntelliTECH-involved systems

What we do

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Advanced Aeronautical Engineering

With our highly skilled team of aeronautical designers using 3-D CAD and CFD tools, we specialize in creating low RE, long endurance designs for unmanned aerial vehicles. Our unique approach to evelopment, analysis, and documentation allows us to offer our customers a comprehensive range of services, from designing the OML to creating full production files.


Advanced Mechanical Engineering

Our Advanced Mechanical Engineering department connects your ideas to reality. We offer a genuine Build To Print or Build To Spec service, complete with documentation of E-modeling, drawings, and operation and maintenance manuals tailored to your requested format. Our highly experienced designers utilize an 3-D CAD platform to ensure top-quality products that exceed expectations. At IntelliTECH, we are committed to delivering cost-efficient and producible solutions that meet the highest standards of quality.


Integrated Logistic Support (ILS)

Our Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) team provides comprehensive services for both Manned and Unmanned Aerial and Ground Vehicles. We offer user-oriented characterization and specification of avionic systems, full documentation services, and on-site instruction and training for both user and maintenance echelons.